Pastor Mylicia Markam

Pastor Mylicia Markam Mylicia Markam is serving as Assistant Pastor and director of Grow Ministries.

Before being ‘called’ into the ministry, she was an accountant for a large oil and development company.  It was during that time when God called her into ministry as she taught, spoke and minister in a number of states as well as out out of the country.

She finish her Ordination process in June 2014.

She was an Associate, a Pastoral Care and a Family Minister and was responsible for leading a weekly service of healing while studying for ordination.

She has lead multiple women, couples, staff and team building retreats.  She has spoken at a number of conferences and churches.  She has a passion for individual prayer ministry, couples ministry and premarital ministry.
She loves to teaching and preach; seeing the power of God in scripture.

Most of all she loves God’s people.   Listening and seeing the power of Jesus in their lives and their stories.

Her experiences in counseling and ministry leadership, has brought her full-circle, and now she feels honored to serve the family of Bethia United Methodist Church.

She is married to Earnie and they have two awesome (adult) children, Jonathan and Christine.  Her 4 legged child is a Great Dane (195ish lbs.) who she says prays with her and has listen to every sermon, talk, wedding or funeral that she’s ever written.   She says the rule in her house is that each time the family is mention in a sermon, she has to pay them $5.00 but Bear (the Great Dane) is honored when he is mentioned. And he will be.