I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord!” ~ Psalm 122:1

“If we walk in the light, we have fellowship one with another.” 1 John 1:7


If you’re interested in serving as an acolyte, please contact Kathy  Laffoon ( or David Hawkins (

The meaning of acolytes:  The word acolyte is taken from an ancient Greek word meaning companion, attendant, or helper.  Acolytes work closely with the pastors and take part in church services to help people worship God.  The acolytes light and extinguish the candles on the altar and the Paschal candle when it is used.

The acolyte ministry originated from Old Testament times.  Since ancient times, light and fire have reminded people that God is here with us.  Remember your Old Testament verses such as God in the burning bush, etc.   When the acolytes bring the light (fire) into the sanctuary, they are reminding people that God is with us in our worship service. When the acolytes extinguish the candles and walk out of the sanctuary with their candle lighters, they are reminding people that we take the light and scatter it out into the world remembering that God is with us.

The Acolytes ministry provides children with a meaningful opportunity to be involved and serve in the Lord’s House as helpers and attendants in the Worship service.  The acolytes duties include lighting and extinguishing the altar candles and in assisting with other duties during the services.  The acolyte develops responsibility to be on time and fulfill his/her obligations.  It takes a little courage initially to stand up before the congregation and perform the duties.

Bethia’s Acolytes:  Our acolytes serve by lighting and extinguishing altar candles, and assisting in the sacrament of communion when needed.  Acolytes serve from 2nd grade to about 8th grade.

In summary, Acolytes:

•    Bring the light of Christ to light the candles on the altar, and take that light back out into the world after worship
•    Assist with serving of communion, Baptism and other service during the service as needed by the ministers
•    By carrying the symbols of our faith they are an important part of our worship services in the sanctuary

The acolytes serve the pastor and the other leaders at worship.  These children have an opportunity to be part of the worship service.  They are witnesses for Christ by standing in front of the congregation and lighting the candles. Their acts signify the presence of the Lord in His house.