Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)


What is Mops?

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. These groups exist to meet the needs of every mom with children from birth through kindergarten. Women from all backgrounds and ages find support in MOPS as they try to be the very best moms they can be!

MOPS is about…

  • Celebrating motherhood
  • Meeting needs
  • Making connections
  • Experiencing God’s Love

…through relationships and resources.

MOPS groups provide an open, caring, and accepting atmosphere for today’s mothers to grow and share their experiences with other women. MOPS program’s often include teaching by mentors and other speakers, discussion, community, and opportunities to develop creativity while children are cared for in a parallel program. called MOPPETS.

Please join us the first and third Tuesdays at Bethia United Methodist Church from 9:30am-noon, September-May.


For more information please contact:

Theresa Goodman

(804) 836-5685

Karen Wilcox


For more information about MOPS, visit the MOPS site at: