Remember Disney’s animated movie titled Aladdin?  It was a big hit in my household many years ago, which meant that we watched it over and over and over to the point where the dialogue between characters was chiseled in my brain!  But one line kept being used at critical points along the story, actually a profoundly simple question, “Do you trust me?”  This question was asked by Aladdin to his girlfriend, Princess Jasmine.  It took a little time, but eventually she did learn to trust him and, as every good Disney movie reveals, they lived happily ever after!

Throughout our lives I believe all of us will have that same “Will you trust me?” question asked of us, most likely several times.  This is certainly true of our Lord Jesus, who daily invites us to trust the hand of One we cannot see, to do things we never thought we could or would, to bless and be blessed by the journey of faith in the only One who is fully trustworthy.

The six weeks after Easter are days of celebrating and remembering Jesus’ resurrection and discovering our own resurrection through our faith in Christ.  Because Jesus is alive, we believe our faith makes us alive now and later (Jesus called it abundant and eternal life).

God’s grace is the unmerited divine assistance (love) of God offered to every person. The grace of God identifies, connects, redeems and sanctifies us into the persons we were always designed to be from the foundations of creation.  We are people of grace, that have been changed by grace.  So how does grace affect (make a difference) and effect (make a change) our attitude every day?

As Christian disciples, we reveal God’s grace through every part of our daily lives.  In essence, we exude an attitude of grace!  Attitude is defined as a feeling or a way of thinking that affects (make a difference) a person’s behavior.  We are called to have an attitude of Grace! Our attitude of grace is not just for us to experience, it is also contagious – that others may see, experience and accept the grace of God through Jesus for themselves.  This is our focus during this season called Easter. Last week Mylicia talked about being a living sacrifice.  Today let’s ponder the attitude of trust.

Our scripture lesson today reveals the moment that new converts to the faith discover grace.  They had done the “work” of wanting to change (Jewish ritual cleansing baptism of John The Baptizer), but had not been offered the true baptism in Christ. When they said yes to Paul’s offer and were baptized into Christ, the Holy Spirit came into their lives and at once they were forever changed. They trusted that the death, burial, resurrection of Jesus would transform their lives.