Small Meeting Group Requirements

The following information will be required when requesting the use of Church facilities. 

Please read this very carefully before submitting your application before use:

  • Each small group will need to have a point of contact (POC) that will be responsible for specific items.
  • The only part of the facility that is to be used will be the SEED hall and outside.
  • Restroom use is limited to the restrooms outside the SEED hall only.
  • Groups will be less than 50 attendings.
  • The POC will be responsible for:
    • Arranging meeting time and approval with the Church Office (Elizabeth Barbee).
    • Arranging and verifying disinfection of SEED Hall / Rest Rooms after the room is used. This includes wiping down each chair used, door handles, etc.
    • Access to restricted areas of the Building is enforced while using the SEED hall.
    • Room set up meets requirements as specified in the Room Set Up section after the meeting.
    • Each person attending completes the Health Questionnaire or reads the poster of the health form and acknowledges their health to the POC who will then record their name and contact information.
    • Informs the Church Office Immediately if there is a problem.
    • Responsible for supplying their own disinfectant wipes that meet EPA/CDC requirements.
    • Ensures Social Distancing at all times including in the parking lot and during the event.
    • Ensures a mask is worn by everyone attending.
  • There is no food, beverages, or other food products allowed to be made in the SEED hall. 
  • Food will be allowed outside if you bring your own, but no cross-sharing.
  • All trash is picked up and disposed of properly.
  • All injuries must be reported to the church office within 24 hours of the occurrence.

Damage Policy:

The POC is responsible for all at the event!   The number of persons attending the event must not exceed 50.

POC must report any and all damage done to the building, equipment, or grounds to the Activity/Facility Coordinator.  The Activity/Facility Coordinator will report such to the Church Office and in certain cases of major concern to the Church Trustees and Church Council Chairman within 24 hours of the occurrence. 

Users must assume liability for damages to the church property, equipment, facilities, and grounds as agreed when they signed the Request Application document.  User agrees that they will be legally responsible for any and all damages related, directly or indirectly to the group for which space is requested, church property, equipment, and grounds.

               The Applicant/user and all guests agree to be in strict adherence to All rules, regulations, and guidelines associated with this church facility.

Failure to comply with current health restrictions or this policy may result in not being about to use the facility or make future reservations.