Dear Bethia Family, 

We are in the midst of a COVID breakout at Bethia. With more than a dozen cases in our church, and several more pending test results, the infection rate in the county is reflected in our immediate community. Given that reality, we believe that the best way for us to love our neighbor is to move entirely to virtual for the remainder of January. This is not what we hoped would be our January reality after the encouraging way our church has grown this fall, but COVID is simply too contagious and life-altering to be ignored right now. Still, your church leadership is determined that we will continue to build on what God is doing and find new ways to do church better. 

Worship will continue to be streamed every Sunday morning at 9 a.m., and remain available to be watched anytime afterward. We will pre-record elements of worship when possible, to reduce the number of people gathered in one place, and expect everyone participating to wear a mask.

All other meetings (with the exception of Al-Anon) will take place virtually. ZOOM access will be available for those who are seeking it, and we encourage small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and others to set up ZOOM links so that their groups may continue to fellowship and build community during this virtual time. Assistance can be provided by reaching out to the church office. 

The church building and church office will be closed except by appointment. 

We are again emphasizing cleaning objects and rooms after use, masking when with someone unrelated on church property, and social distancing for those limited church and office usages, and expect this to continue as we resume in-person activities. We plan to resume in-person activities in February.

We encourage you to participate in virtual worship, Sunday School, Bible study, small groups, and mission opportunities; check in through our Facebook page. Our church will not be closed but temporarily fully virtual. As a family, we have the opportunity to positively impact each other’s health, continuing the fellowship and discipleship we have enjoyed in person, while finding ways to be in mission to each other – and to those in the community who are feeling the pain of COVID-related illness and isolation. 

Friends, please pray. For those with COVID, for those exposed, for those who are fearful. Call and text to check on your friends – pray together over the phone! And most of all, pray that God’s kingdom would continue to be made evident through each of us and the church. 

Rev. Jacob Sahms 

Mission Happenings!!!!

See what we have been doing inside and outside our building and in the community!!!

Come and join us, meet some church family members and Welcome Home!!

Gerry and Susan dropped off the collection of coats that were collected to Melissa and her husband at A Place of Miracles. They were so grateful.


Delivering coats to Harrowgate Elementary School


We want the church to be a place where your entire family is encouraged to draw closer to Christ—your kids included!


In student ministry, we strive to lead students to become passionate followers of Christ.


Our church is committed to equipping and empowering adults of all ages to walk together towards freedom in Christ.


We believe life is meant to be lived in close community with our Creator and the ones He created.


God loves you right where you are, and we want our church to be a place where you truly experience His love.


Respond to what God is doing in your life through sharing with and serving others. We want to be a church that shows our faith in the way we live our lives.


We believe that the gospel of Christ is the hope of the world, and it’s the heart of the church to bring that hope to others.


Who We Are

Our church is a more than just a place to go or an event to attend; we are a community of people who have been changed by the love of God and want to change our community in response. It’s our desire to make known the good news of God’s love within our own congregation as well as outside the walls in our community. Following the model of Jesus, it’s the heart of our church to love those around us by meeting their needs, sharing our lives, and offering them the life-changing grace of the Christian faith. We believe that it’s the gospel of Christ that truly changes people, and those people are the ones who change the world. We would love to welcome you into our community and walk alongside you to serve those around us in the name of Jesus.