Ladies, Fathers Day is just around the corner and we want Dads to feel special and recognized.  So on June 16,  Father’s Day Sunday, before and after each service Dads will be able to ‘sport’ a photo in a classic car before coming in for worship.  Not only that but they will get an invitation to join us in the Bistro for a ICE CREAM SUNDAE!  YUMM!  (What could be better – Ice Cream for breakfast or before lunch!)
That’s where we need your help.  We need ladies to monitor the Bistro, making sure Dad’s get served, replace ice cream as need, picking up as needed and restocking toppings.  Now you won’t miss the service –  so please sign up.
Three ways to sign up – Put sheet in the offering plate;  go to Bethia’s Website to sign up or the poster board just before the Bistro.
 Times are:
1st time   8:00 – 8: 35
2nd time 9:00 – 9:50
3rd time 10:00 – 11:05
4th time 11:50 – until and clean up.
Thank you for making Fathers Day special!.  Also, don’t forget to invite your Fathers or those that have been a Father to you.

Invitations will be out soon.