Worship FAQs

Do I have to register to come to the service?


Are there health questions I have to answer and who gets the results?


Will I have to wear a mask during service?

Yes. Everyone attending will be required to wear a mask from the time they exit their vehicle until they leave service.

What if I take the mask off during service?

You may only remove the mask to take the prepackages communion.

Are children allowed?

Yes. As long as they can keep a mask on during service.

Will there be assigned seats?

No. Bring your own chairs and sit in the parking lot but you still have to maintain 6-foot social distancing.

Will I be able to walk around?

Yes, but be mindful of social distancing

Where can I park?

The front parking lot.

Do I have to take my temperature before I arrive?

No, but we ask that you self-monitor and if you feel sick or have a temperature then stay home. 

I’m handicap, where do I park?

Handicap parking is at the Bethia House.

I want to drop someone off, what do I do?

Drop off will be located in the back parking lot.

Can we sing?

Yes, but only if the service is outside.

How will we give? Will there be a collection plate?

There will be a drop bucket or you can continue to give online or by mailing your check.

Can I use the restroom?


How are we going to do communion?

There will be pre-packaged communion.

What if I don’t feel well during service?

Please feel free to get up and leave.