Worship FAQs

Do I have to register to come to service?

Yes, and must be done for EACH service and for EACH group meeting on church property. On our website www.bethiaumc.org there is a registration form that will need to be completed for each family coming. You will be asked for your name, how many are attending, and the names of those attending with you.  This must be done 4 days prior to the service.

Are there health questions I have to answer and who gets the results?

Yes, the UMC has a questionnaire that will need to be completed for EACH person attending online that is sent to Pastor Jacob. If access to online is not available, you will be asked to read the questions when at the church and answer them verbally. At no point is your health information shared with anyone and it does not ask for specific information.  Here is the link for the Questionnaire

Will I have to wear a mask during service?

Yes. Everyone attending will be required to wear a mask from the time they exit their vehicle until they leave service.

What if I take the mask off during service?

If anyone takes their mask off during service, service will end at that moment and everyone will have to leave.

Are children allowed?

Yes. As long as they can keep a mask on during service.

Will there be assigned seats?

No. The chairs are arranged in pairs of 2. Families with 3 or more, or with children, we have designated groups of 4 chairs for you.

How will I know where to sit?

There will be volunteers positioned in the SEED hall to direct you to a chair.

Will I be able to walk around?

No. Once you enter the building and get checked off, you will be required to sit and at all times, maintain your 6-foot social distance.

Where can I park?

There will be parking lot volunteers that will direct you.

Do I have to take my temperature before I arrive?

Yes, we ask that you self-monitor and if you feel sick or have a temperature then stay home. Your temperature will also be taken before you enter the SEED hall.

I’m handicap, where do I park?

Handicap parking has been moved to the back lot to reduce hazards with people walking in the breezeway via the handicap spots.

I want to drop someone off, what do I do?

Drop off will be located in the back parking lot. A volunteer will direct you.

Can we sing?

No. Currently, there is no singing allowed. Music will be streamed in from the sanctuary.

How will we give? Will there be a collection plate?

There will be a drop bucket by the exit door or you can continue to give online or by mailing your check.

Can I use the restroom?

At this time, No unless it is an absolute emergency.

How are we going to do communion?

There will be take-home communion Sundays in the future.

What if I don’t feel well during service?

Look for a volunteer and tell them, they will take you to a secure location or you may exit the building.

Can I access the rest of the Church?

No. Access is restricted to the SEED Hall only.

How is the church being cleaned after?

We have volunteers that will wipe down all areas when everyone leaves.

How do I volunteer to help?

Contact Tracy Michaud at freakaboutsafety@gmail.com